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SAMPLES of completed ATC INFORMATION REQUEST RESOLUTIONS with Sensitity Lists- Town of Stark (Vernon County) Town of Jefferson (Monroe County)

Assistance with Making The Sensitivity Lists

Vernon County Resources Map with cultural, economic and natural sensitivities adjacent to June 2011 potential corridors: [downlaoad .pdf 12mb]   

Partial Monroe County Resources map with ATC June 2011corridors, roads, trout streams and some natural sensitivities: [Download .jpg image/.zip 10 mb]  

DNR Trout Stream Classification Maps Access by County.

Exceptional Water Resources Access by County.

DNR State Natural Areas listed by County.

Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory, search by County and Town

Find a Park, Forest, Recreation Area or Trail seach via map navigation.

Additional resources can be found using Google Maps. Start with this sample view of Sparta, WI http://tinyurl.com/caoqbn6  Zoom back, drag the map area to navigate to the desired Town and zoom-in to see mapped resources.  

Other natural resources to list are parks, DNR managed lands, land trusts, wetlands, dams, lakes, ponds, organic farms, County Forests, State Fisheries and managed forests.

Cultural and Economic Resources to list include schools, cemeteries, hospitals, recreational areas, museums, nursing homes, historical sites, historical landmarks, golf courses and senior/community centers. Include businesses and agencies that benefit from the area’s natural beauty including bed and breakfasts, real estate offices, restaurants, hotels, motels, convenience stores, gift stores, recreational guides, recreational equipment rentals and sales.


Resolution Filing


To have a draft resolution prepared for a Town, Village, City or County, email the Town of Stark Committee on Energy-Planning & Information or call 608-625-4949 or 625-2339. Resolutions can also be adopted by organizations and groups but it is recommended that they are submitted through a local government body. These rsolutions aree for use during the Public Information phase based on the resolution unanimously adopted by the Vernon County Board in August, 2011 and reviewed and approved by legal counsel for the Wisconsin County Association

Editable "ATC Information Request" RESOLUTIONS

For a Town in Vernon County

For a Town in Monroe County

Download MS WORD .ZIP
Download MS WORD .ZIP
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